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  1. I was having the same problem, and a quick reboot fixed mine.
  2. it was enabled, and it does look choppier than before, but maybe it is my mind playing tricks on me
  3. I'm just using the mouse, no drawing pad or pen, its a dual core i5 processor, with 8GB ram, and runs windows 7 64bit, using integrated graphics.
  4. I'm not sure if I can post feedback here, I know that the feedback link does not work in the program itself, unless you have outlook. But ever since I updated, when I use the brush, it's a lot choppier, and doesnt come out smoothly at all compared to before the update.
  5. This plugin stoped working ever since i updtaed to the latest paint.net. i updated the plugin, but it still wont work. i click save, and it sits there and keeps saving, in a never ending loop till i open taskmnger and force close it.
  6. I NEED HELP! This plugin has worked till i upgraded to the latest paint.net, now it just sits there and saves without actually saving, when i try to save. I downloaded the latest version of the plugin and it didnt work. I dont know what to do!
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