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  1. I have a concrete walkway that exterior paint and stain will not last very long on. I now realize from doing some research that I had not used a seperate primer or adhesive of any kind but rather porch paint that had primer mixed in it. Anyways, I have heard that if I use Muriatic acid to prep it then the stain will adhere much better. So I have a few questions now. Does anybody recommend this process of using Muriatic Acid first? If so how can I protect my neighbors walkway from anything getting onto it when I go to rinse off MY walkway? Will a plastic tarp surfice? Next question is after using the Muriatic acid should I use a primer next or just go ahead and stain? And finally, which concrete stain is the best? I have heard that Sherwin Williams H&C is too expensive for what its worth and a lot of mixed reviews. I also see Behr has a deep base Concrete stain with a Siliconized acrylic formula but that has a rating on of 3.8 out of 5. Behr also has a product called DeckOver which has only a 3 out of 5 rating on that site too. So should I ignore bad reviews since some people may be unhappy cause they can't prep properly or what should I do? Any help is appreciated.