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  1. Ah, I am using Norton. I think I'll decide to disable Norton's scan for that file. I appreciate the reply, Eli!
  2. This seems like a really useful plugin. Unfortunately, when I attempt to extract from the .zip file, my virus scan recognizes the .dll as a Trojan virus and removes it. It doesn't mess with the .dlc, though. Is there any way that I should try to modify the file to allow my computer to accept it, or should I disable the virus scan on the filetypes folder? Thanks to Martin for creating this, I started using Paint.net about when Layer Saver lost compatibility.
  3. Oh geez, that hue/saturation effect is so useful. Thanks to both of you for the help, and thanks to Eli for suggesting it. It was lame of me to literally not open the Adjustments menu until now while convincing myself that I had exhausted all options. To state it directly, it completely works, I appreciate it!
  4. Hello, I am attempting to duplicate part of an image and place it somewhere else on the same canvas with a different color, so that the final entire image is two identical images(disregarding color) in different places on the same canvas. The issue (I think) is that since the original image has anti-aliased edges, using the paint bucket to fill the image either leaves a noticeable border of a different color(the anti-aliased edges from the previous color): Hidden Content: or covers the edges completely, causing the image to appear larger than before: Hidden Content: I have also tried to use the recolor tool and the magic wand while messing with blend modes, tolerance, and flood mode for each tool in different variations; unfortunately, the same issue occurs: the image either leaves a border or appears larger than before. Is there any technique, method, or Paint.net device anyone is aware of that would allow complete switching of colors, including anti-aliased edges and transparent edge pixels? Is that possible, and is there a way that Paint.net can detect the edges correlated with a certain color and switch them with the edge colors correlated with the new color through paint bucket or another tool(so that the image literally looks the same as the original except for color)? If not, are the only other apparent solutions to either stop drawing with anti-aliasing or to get as near as possible to no border and decide to be ok with the image? This is separate, it's cool if you stop reading here; I really appreciate this program, it's super useful! I'm creating game art with it(I wonder if anti-aliasing instead of flat sprites wil affect the game's performance and speed?) and I like the layering and history system a lot.