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  1. Hey, thanks for considering....

    I had a hard-drive crash and although I backup my plugins, I must have forgot to update my file with this specific plugin pack. It was vary nice. It included a edge blur, but it wasn't the typical selection edge blur because it included an adjustment for how much is blurred.. there were other good plugins though I can't remember what they were exactly, the author was Japanese if I am not mistaken.  If you know the the plugin pack please let me know! thanks. 

  2. I would love to use this feature along with a feature that can IMPORT an IMAGE SEQUENCE as layers. I know that you can already export as an image sequence zip file, which I use all the time! (and thank you to you who have created that plug in) But to complete the animation process these two effects are sorely needed. Please will a PAINT.NET genius work on this! 



  3. Highlighting them then pressing DEL doesn't work, there is not  RMB drop down menu when you click on them, there is no button in the tools' window that specifies delete. I don't know what you mean by "directory"  you ad brushes in brushes mini window on the right of the tool.....If by directory you mean the folder where I have my brushes, it doesn't matter if I delete them from there....  I looked in program files for brushes, or a link to where "brushes mini" is caching but I can't find it.