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  1. I make a image with transparent background. I copy and paste it on another image and the transparency overlays the image putting the awful checkerboard on top- you calls this transparent? For some parts of the image it cuts through a colour "layer"- not an paint.net layer to a covered over "layer".
  2. Sure you could create an URL to allow attachment but isn't a bit of nuisance. Also the Max size is pretty low.
  3. I tried to remove some of it using the rectangular select and delete. I might have been getting some these marks from the original picture- internet derived. Moving using magic wand select was leaving some marks- it moved everything that was visual in the original image. I'll probably just make a new file and move it over. I just want to avoid it happening in the future. Here are the marks that Magic Wand picks up.
  4. I had a problem with a certain file where showing the bottom layer would lead to any cut on the top layer goes through all layers.
  5. See the marks next to circle on the far left. When it has two layers then deleting it works but then when I fix the other layer then it comes back again.
  6. Maybe this one of the popular feature requests? I don't want to see checkboard.
  7. That was just a test. The symbols are numbers with lines to quarters of the circle. In the real thing- circles will be different in each 6 circle group. Eli's PseudoSnap maybe exactly Thank you.
  8. Thanks for your reply- how does that put the circles at the corners of a larger square- in my case I want six in a line many times plus into a H sort of shape
  9. Suppose you want to copy one item (a circle) and paste it three other times so they are all (their centres) at the corners of a square. How to do that without lots of fiddling with the final positions? I want to do it like that lots of times.
  10. It would be really great if someone could make a plugin for writing text in Paint please. Its pretty clunky at the moment with the straight conversion to image especially for a lot of words.
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