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  1. I tried to get a nice overall spreading and tried to familiarize myself with the parameters, but the plugin keeps crashing after a while
  2. I'm trying to create a seamless texture that sort of resembles a force field. It is supposed to be almost completely transparent and should have sort of a "reflective impression". Something like this: Or this in more translucent and not animated: More along the lines of this It's hard to describe (and may be the reason why I haven't found anything). I hope the example images make it clear. How can I create such a texture in Thanks in advance CybaMephisto
  3. Following situation: I have a bunch of pdns (12 atm) which have a set of layers. Basically it's a texture set (it contains team colors and effects like ao overlays). Now what I have to do is take specific layers, merge them, and export them (with a specific name based on the combination of layers used). It's about five combinations per pdn, meaning I end up creating 60 textures. (There might be more depending on the amounts of assets I will create at some point.) So it is some tedious amount of work. I know there are filetype plugins and effects plugins. Does this fall under the scope of filetype plugins or is what I want to do not possible? Or other than that, is there a better solution to my problem? Like batch processing or something? Thanks for your time and help CybaMephisto