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  1. Wow! I had no idea, that it was that complex. Thanks a million, Techno!
  2. Well I'm glad everyone is having fun with this post, but I'm still stuck. Even after listening to youtube video. There's something I'm doing wrong, way wrong. Here is what I'm getting. Is there anyone that can please give step-by-step instructions? I just changed the fabric.
  3. Thanks you two, I would like to do it racerx's way, if I can just figure out how. Think I found a youtube video that will explain how to do it. Thanks again!
  4. Hello Paint.Net Friends, Is there any way that I can take a chair and cover it with a different fabric in Paint.Net? For example, please see attached. Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks sooo much, Noob! That's exactly what I was looking for! I couldn't find it by that index.
  6. Hello all. I asked a question last week about the zoom and sharpen image. I am now on my old computer and able to show you guys what I thought was missing from Paint.Net when I downloaded it onto my new computer. If there is a link to download that particular sharpen image, could someone please let me know? It is under effects. Thank you
  7. Thanks all! I understand how to do the zoom without that button or (icon) now, if I remember correctly it was a (-) and (+) icon that is no longer there. But the sharpen was different than what you all are telling me. I have that one. There was another one.
  8. I just upgraded my computer, can anyone tell me where the download is for the zoom in and out button? Right now I have to go under view. Also I would like to have the sharpen image button that I had before. Thanks in advance!