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  1. That's it ! So simple no wonder I couldn't find it , Thank You !
  2. I'm brain dead today 'cause I can't find how to take the first image and make it like the second image . I've done it many times in the past but just can't seem to find it today .
  3. That makes sense , I always use the mouse when copying . I also use the Ctrl + Arrow keys but have always hit the Arrow key once before holding down the Ctrl key so it didn't copy . Thanks Rick for the info and for the new update !
  4. I've always been able to select part of an image and then hold the Ctrl key while dragging the area to another part of the image leaving the original in it's place , recently I noticed this doesn't work any more . I know I can work around by duplicating the layer and then moving my selection but it sure was nice using the Ctrl key . I'm not sure if this happened after the last update or something else is wrong . I'm using 4.2 (Final 4.200.7133.32960) . Thanks !
  5. I'm having trouble installing this plugin , I've tried several times and it doesn't seem to be working . Does it go in the effects file ? As it doesn't show up there . Is there a different plugin I should be using for Alpha mask ? I have PDN 4.0.19 Edit - Found it ! Please ignore .
  6. Thanks much , don't know how I missed that one ! I need to play around with it a bit but it's definitely what I was looking for . Any idea why the "R" in my sample below is different ?
  7. I know there are ways to create 3D text with PDN including pyrochild's Trail plugin , but is there an easy way to add some perspective to it ? Maybe by modifying Trail 3D so the depth could be adjusted ? Any suggestions ? This was done in Sketchup .
  8. I just came across this plug-in and it's great ! It works perfectly and with very little quality loss when used on photos . I wish I had this a few months ago ! Thank you !
  9. The download link for Parallel Lines and Patterns doesn't work for me , is it still good ?
  10. Rules read . And thanks everyone for the ideas , I just did it manually and it only took about 10 minutes .
  11. Thanks Pixey , long story about the name . Great tutorial on banners , I'll bookmark that one . . . but it's not exactly what I need . I have a design that I was wanting to put on a flag and have it appear like the checkered flag below , it's for a decal on a model I'm building . I'm pretty sure I can do it using some existing effects like sinwave or tube oblique plus a little tinkering , but I was looking for an easy way out !
  12. I have some images that I'd like to have look like a flag or banner . I thought there was a plug-in but now I can't find it . This is a simple line drawing showing what I want to achieve .
  13. Thanks much , I've downloaded it and your new plugin pack . . . everything works great ! I knew it would , I guess I just needed some reassurance since it was released around the same time as windows 10 and had me wondering . I also downloaded your Custom Shapes and will try the Shapemaker soon .
  14. Well , I'm not really new here since I've been using PDN for several years and regularly check in here to get ideas and install plugins . My questions are about updating to PDN 4.0.6 1- I'm currently using 4.0.5 with Windows 8.1 and plan on eventually updating to Windows 10 , so will 4.0.6 work with 8.1 or will it have some bugs ? Or should I wait until I update to Windows 10 ? 2- I'm really excited about the Shapemaker plugin as I've been using Inkscape for years and having some svg capability on PDN will be great ! Same questions about compatibility with 4.0.5 and Windows 8.1 or do I need to update ? Thanks for a great program and for all of your hard work !
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