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  1. I have a logo I need to reproduce. What I have is a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy. I don't have the original artwork.. I am including a copy of what I do have. I just need to reproduce this exact artwork. The eagle in the middle I DO have the original artwork from it, All I need to do is curve the text around a half circle. For the life of me I can't figure out how to do what should be a very simple thing to do! Please help!! P.S. I don't have any plug-ins, not sure what ones to get if any are needed. My luck I would purchase 9 different ones trying to find the one I need
  2. The phone number is for a FREE informational recording about my business. It's a 2 minute long recording. I give it out all the time, and I put this QR code on my business cards so people can scan it to get to the phone number quickly. Thanks guys for this information on how to do this!! I appreciate it VERY MUCH!! Gary B.
  3. I have a "QR" code I want to change from being black and white to having the white transparent, and the black looking like Gold-Leaf/Gold foil. I have some Gold-Leaf pictures. I figured if I could somehow overlay the Gold-Leaf/Gold foil picture and have it only show where there is black? I'm attaching a copy of the ONE of the QR codes I want to change. I don't care HOW I have to do it, just as long as I get the currently white part either transparent, or pure black, and the part of the pic that is currently black looking like Gold-Leaf/Gold foil etc... I'm making a business car
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