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  1. As I explained in my earlier post (1 sep 2015) and Carman Turner in this one, I (and he) could not un- nor reinstall PND4.05 and/or install PND4.06. Every time the message some msi file (e.g. PaintDotNet_x64_1247644128.msi) was missing and the process was reversed. Besides, in my case, PND dit not appear in the list programs and features of installed programs By applying the MS FixIt recommended by TechRobbo in combination with msiinv.exe, which gave me the product code (before you told me where to find it - thanks), I was able to solve the problem: the message about the missing msi did not
  2. The way to find the product code (not product key) is to download and run a small MS tool called msiinv.exe. Get the new version. It will list amongst others all product codes of "advertised" and "installed" programs. The product code for PND 4.05 was in my case {141BA46D-2D1F-4DA6-9448-B847334585C0}, (I am not sure if it's the same for other machines). However, there was the note that PND is "advertised but not installed, code 1". That is the reason why it is not in my list of programs and features. However it runs normally. Entering this product code into FixIt, did not really solve the
  3. I started the FixIt, however paint.net is not in the list of installed programs (I try to uninstall 4.05 "correctly" first). FixIt asks then for the ProductCode which is an 38 character string e.g. {9ΕΕΕ 2575-B66F-43F7-Α455-7041933SCB7Ε}. So before I can run the FixIt the question is: how to get the 38char string Product Code of NDP 4.05? Rick? Regards, Teunis
  4. Very strange: I have Win7 HP 64 with PDN 4.05 installed and running (and of cours the latest .net frame work updates). However during updating to 4.06 the install message comes up that a file is missing from the installation CD (never had one, install from downloads), an installer file .....128.msi. It then rolls back to 4.05 which still runs normally. If I try to repair 4.05 a cmd screen comers up with the message that a registry key sting is null, and that's it. I cannot directly uninstall PDN, it is not in the programs and feature list. I therefore uninstalled with Revo Uninstaller Pro.
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