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  1. LoL. Thanks, as a matter of fact I already figured out how to do what i intend with Photoshop. No need for any additional plug ins there as well.
  2. That might be useful. Maybe there is a way to resize the layers by entering the values in some window instead of dragging the frame with mouse after all?
  3. Yes all my images have the same size, but I still don't get how am I suppose to place and resize the layers on the canvas so the make a single "wallpaper". Like a puzzle, smaller layers are placed one near another to make a larger picture.
  4. I am trying to make something like a collage of several dozen pictures (about a hundred) and I'd like for all of the small pictures to have an exactly the same size, for them to look like they make up a single image. You know like those face collages made from a bunch of random pictures. What would really make my work easier is a tool to automatically resize each new picture to the same standard size, in the bottom of paint.net menu I can see the size of a picture I am resizing (bounding rectangle size), but I can't find an option for me to enter exactly the same proportions for all of my pict
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