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  1. Yep, i've tried them both, just hate switching windows all the time, Paint.net is and will be the only program i will use (: thanks for the discussion guys.
  2. Yes, this might help, i googled my butt off today, even on the go on my iPhone and on the dunny too, Downloaded gimp (never heard of it) there was an RGB format listed but never allowed me to open, so i chose the load image from raw data option and had all the weird pixels, changed image type to rgb565 and moved the bars and went past something that looked really sweet... MMMM DONUTS! i can only save them as a xcf, or g/b zip, besides the point, i hope someone can make some form of filetype, but something with less hassles Heres that donuts image attached below and heres two screenshots of
  3. Good point! How shall i convert it? attached moe fixed. Sheres bound to be a converter somewhere.. moe.zip
  4. Sure guy's ill attach what in the game is supposed to be moe.. i did change the format name to .rgb565 was able to open it with a users filetype plugin, got nothing but colours everywhere!
  5. Before i ask & explain, Amazing program, have used Paint.net since the beginning and prefer the App over any other photo editing, mostly make avatars and signatures. I'm currently developing some mods for IOS games and have browsed through the files and found that the game uses .RGB format to display images on the device (The Simpsons Tapped Out) Is there any filetype out there? is this possible? i can attach an example below if need be. | Thaaank you!
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