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  1. Dont know if this is in the right place, its a question and a request at the same time, the question is, is there any addons or anything in paint.net right now which has something that shades an exact side of a curve or a line, if there is please show me or tell me how I do it or where to download it, or if someone is a pro legit scripter/modder/paint.netter could make it? thanks a lot-elias!
  2. Solved my problem of having to draw it all, thanks!
  3. also, do you think theres on like: http://gyazo.com/2581e255893cc2f9558b54f07232f3ca instead?
  4. IF this was an actual plugin, i'd freak out. So I thought of something, is there a way to mod the curve/line to form http://gyazo.com/9a3d720bb897722608d67c7fd6d685e7 the one to the right and not the vanilla to the left?
  5. Think I used yours, as it has the same icon, but thats not exactly what I want, I dont want outlines on both sides, only at one of the sides and I dont want them directly aligned, but with a pixel space. ignore the 2pixel line going between the curve
  6. thats the result, and also it makes a 2pixel sidekick line not 1pixel, so that doesnt work out good either, nor can it align perfectly.
  7. better information: I drew this curve with the curve/line tool: http://gyazo.com/080549d33797c42b4ccb81058939d89f however, I want it to be like this http://gyazo.com/f1d632f053c843f395e7d9fcae54318f but then I would have use atleast 5/10mins drawing it, but if it came with the curve/line tool so that when I used the tool it'd already be: http://gyazo.com/13ae7f306c2acd27e131585ad8402f71 ^^I had to sit and draw that. do you guys get me now?
  8. Its not a brush, also how do I add that as a brush or a line?, I wanted it to be a line curve tool thought, since then I could just make a long and nice one of that an forexample make the torso belt in just a few seconds by drawing two curved liens.
  9. Could someone reply, with a solution?, its basically a curve/line tool which is |1PIXEL|TRANSPARENT|1PIXEL| so I I and not II
  10. Its not a brush I want, its a curve/line tool instead.
  11. Is there a brush, that when you have a 2size or 1size which adds on an extra 1size sidekick/shadow which isnt transparent or anything? http://gyazo.com/cab13edbff0b300c48a5e0cd29306735 http://gyazo.com/f2bb424ea4a3f11359902cf770ae8e3f Im a Roblox online clothing designer, and that'd be like really really helpful, is there any plugin for this or anything? post any questions needed in order to help me and i'll answer them, its really boring having to draw that for collars or pretty much everything, I've tried using the outline plugin, but that doesnt work exactly good.
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