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  1. I didn't know about that. I will always rely on RGB from now on.
  2. Let's say I pick a hue (H on HSV) value of 250 on the color window. Sounds normal. I then click back on the window. Now it's not 250 anymore; It may be 251, 249... Maybe even 248. Why does this happen?
  3. 4.0.10. Has yet to be updated, but, strangely, Hardware acceleration seemed to be the issue. Will this affect performance?
  4. As it looks like, when I'm on 200% zoom, or 600%, or when selecting an area of the current image using the Rectangle Select tool, though it happens in between, images are handed a strange distortion effect, as though they were flickering. Though it sounds serious, it is a visual bug, and has no effect on the image itself. Distortions are slight, and usually only bug me when I'm working on something that involves pixel-perfect stuff, like pixel art. Any help is appreciated.
  5. Are there other video game palette files (.txt files that go on the palettes folder) other than the NES one present on the "Palettes go here" section? I'm interested in the SNES palette, but i can't find it in that section, and it's really boring to make one because it takes too long. Help?
  6. I don't know how to really explain it, but it's something really interesting, i would put a link to the google images search for 'photoelasticity', but it doesn't work as you saw above... Big links are not allowed.
  7. Oh God dammit! I can't delete my other comment... Anyway, i mean, like this:
  8. No, i mean like this: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/archive/e/e7/20101210114925!Photoelasticity_stiffener.jpg
  9. I'm trying to achieve photoelasticity on a image, but i have no idea how to do it and even if it's possible. Can someone please help me?
  10. Thank you all for helping me, now i know ways to reproduce my desired effect easily.
  11. Thank you for replying to my comment, i appreciate it. I think i wasn't clear enough about my thoughts. Basically the plugin that i'm requesting creates various selections of different sizes and then drags them with different force, creating an effect that has similar characteristics of the trail plugin. To be even more clear, this is an example of an image that has been s-pushed slightly (random directions) (notice the blocky distortions): This is an example of heavy s-push (random directions): Only downwards (slightly): Only downwards (heavy): Got it?
  12. Hello Eli, nice to meet you. I'm glad you commented. I would like to take advantage of your comment to report some problems involving the polyglitch plugin pack; The low pass filter plugin and the qam fault plugin are not working. I can't find a solution to those problems. I'd also like to mention that the effect of the plugin that i'm requesting is very unique and is comparable to datamoshing, but instead of a video being datamoshed, it's the image. How awesome does that sound? If you know anyone that creates plugins in this community please tell them about my idea, thank you.
  13. I'm a new member on the paint.net community, my username is 'SvSlazer18'. Anyway, i would like to request a plugin that functions like this: Have you ever tried to shift drag in microsoft paint? It creates a weird effect, and that's exactly what i'm aiming for. That's how i want it to function: Basically, the plugin creates random rectangular selections and drags them in random directions with different force, creating that effect that i mentioned. It would be convenient if the plugin had the ability to able the user to customly set the value of selections, the direction of the dragging and th
  14. Hello, i'm a new member on this community. I don't know how to properly post requests for plugins yet, but i will try again later. I want to make a request for a plugin that functions like this: Have someone tried to create a selection on microsoft paint, hold shift and drag it? It creates a weird effect, and i would love to do that on paint net, but unfortunately the software doesn't allows me to. Is it possible to create a plugin with that type of functionality? That is, when yo...

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      I don't know why, but my comment was cut and cannot be visualised entirely. Why is that? Shouldn't there be a 'read more' button? Why are the options only 'delete' and 'lock'? I'm confused.

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