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  1. I've been using Paint.net for like a year, and I used it before. I'm making an animation but I need to save layers individually as a picture format (like .jpeg or .png preferably) Are there any plugins besides layer savers I can use for 4.0.5? I'm aware of that ImZip one but that doesn't seem to work. Any tips? It's probably going to be a lot of frames, so please don't suggest copy and pasting the layers and saving them separately.
  2. I'm a complete noob to plugins, but I followed the directions, and put the plugins where plugins usually go (In the effects folder right?) But it still doesn't work, I am using one of the versions its compatible with, version 4.0.5 but it still doesn't work. I mean, how do I get the option to show? Like save it as a regular .PNG file? Basically what I'm asking is how do I use the plugin when I have it installed.
  3. Okay, I love Paint.net I draw with it all the time (It's the only easy and free one and it's amazing!) I'm on a windows 7 computer (64 bit) And I was wondering how do I save the layers separately? I'm making an animation and I need the layers to be separate. Is there some sort of program/plugin I can use? I'm aware of Pdn2Png and Layer Saver. If there is no other tricks or software out there, can you at least tell me how to load up Layer Saver onto the program and how to actually use it? Thank you!
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