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  1. Right, I can delete the -T then. It would also seem that PDN doesn't support 16bit tiffs, so I can remove that as well lol. That is really unfortunate... I don't know enough to suggest anything else than a +1 to your PPM idea (2 versions maybe?). Could that be a bug in dcraw, or a currently unsupported camera? I recall having a similar issue a few years back, when my Rawtherapee saved unreadable tiffs - that was corrected in an update that included an updated dcraw.
  2. I have the plugin set to TIFF and I'm not seeing any problems. Are you sure you didn't simply misspell a command? In any case, here are the settings that work for me: -w -6 -W -T
  3. Thank you so much. This is great! I'll be donating as soon as I get hold of someone with a Paypal account.
  4. +1 ^ Barring a UI, I don't think it gets any more user-friendly (I mean, we'll just have to string together the arguments we want, right?). And TBH, I never really liked to tweak *everything* before importing the file, like in GIMP and I guess Photoshop. I mean, at that point I might as well be using Rawtherapee.
  5. Thanks for the explanation. I've tried messing about with Codelab but I'm out of my depth here. I can provide samples if necessary. I know from GIMP that dcraw applies distortion and CA corrections by default (I haven't checked if this is the case here as well, but vignetting correction is definitely applied).
  6. Hi! First of all, thank you very much for making this plugin. It helps me A LOT. I do have one issue though. When the images get imported through dcraw, they seem to be processed with some kind of auto-leveling command. Would it be possible to import them as TIFFs or at least without the automatic adjustments? I do quite a bit of my photography at night and the images get brightened during import, and are, while not completely useless, very hard to work with.
  7. Haha right, but you pointed me there. Repped both of you, of course
  8. Hello everybody! I apologize if this isn't the correct forum. I've downloaded this plugin: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=30007 to open my K-5II DNG's with. The files open and edit fine, but there is one problem: there is a strip of digital junk along one side (see attachment). EDIT: RawReader works as well, but has the same problem. Now, that is because the version of dcraw the plugin is based on doesn't match the camera's DNGs to a specific profile which would automatically discard those pixels. I've had this problem once, in Rawtherapee, before dcraw was patched (IIRC the solution was as simple as using the K-5 profile, since the sensors are identical). Is there a newer RAW plugin? I've gone through the Index but every one I've found either isn't compatible with 4.0.5 or doesn't open the files (the linked one is the only one that works on my PC). I won't die if I have to work like this but it sure would be nice to not have to crop that away from every picture . PS I absolutely love Paint:NET.
  9. Hello! This plug-in works for me (K-5 II DNG files), but with one problem: there is a strip of white and pink junk on one of the sides. Dcraw was patched for this ages ago, but is there an updated version of this plug-in? Sorry for the naggy first post.
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