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  1. The simplest way step by step to remove myself and a music keyboard from a pic and drop it on a completely different background. Please and thanx!
  2. Thanx y'all. The opacity should be easy/ simple enough. Even 4 me. But is there a hex for gold, silver, or bronze say? I get silver might be tricky because it comes somewhere between black and white with shine.
  3. I want to paint over a photo but still see the photo behind it. Isn't there a way to set the percentage of the paintbrush from say 0 being invisible to 100 completely covering the photo? Also: Are there default gold/ bronze colors/ silver colors?
  4. Thanx for all the info on isolating myself from a background as it is very useful. But I must be doing something very wrong. I got at least one pic to just me with no background. But I can't get it to merge onto another layer. It's always just choosing between one layer and the other. I see the icon to merge them but it isn't lit up such that I can engage it by clicking on it! If you could give me a step by step how to do that i could finally do this. #missionaccomplished! Either way i appreciate your support. Peace
  5. Awesome--Great stuff there!!!! Looks like you guys had some real fun with the idea. It's always cool to help someone out and get something out of it yourself versus no good deed goes unpunished! OK--I'm gonna sound all kinds of nube here--amateur night question. But how do I drop one layer onto another? Whenever I add a new layer it just covers the first.
  6. Thanks guys. Are there any tutorials on this? I couldn't find anything complete on what I am doing. Hopefully I can find a way.
  7. Thanx Is it possible to use a picture with a normal background?
  8. How can I take a picture of myself out of a room, shrink myself, and put my image into one of my cool nasa pix? I want to look like I am in space. Is this possible with paint.net?
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