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  1. Awesome! Thanks for the little update, it makes working on my sprite-sheet a whole lot easier ^.^ Also good luck with the other stuff you're working on!
  2. Hello there! I just must say that you've done an awesome job with this plug-in recursor. I really love it! This is easily one of the most used function that I have in Paint.net now and it's really paying off lately. It saves me buckets of time on checking how fluid the animations are of my sprites for my first game project: Becky A link for those interested in this little project: http://jorichi.tumblr.com/post/120936611137/quite-a-while-ago-ive-drawn-becky-for-the-first She has a ton of moves and the spritesheet is getting kind of out of control at this point. XD And because of that I stumbled upon an error. When sampling an area for animation previewing beyond the 3000 pixel mark it gives me an error. The error tells me it's limited to within these values. I was wondering if this is intentional or if this will be fixed. It's something I can easily work around by moving the sprites around a bit anyways. My main reason for asking this is if you're still planning on working on this plug-in in terms of expanding and/or updating it (since the last update was almost a year ago). For example I was hoping to see a multiple layer sampling feature (if that's even possible) in the Animation Helper or an option that alligned a new row to be sampled on the same X Offset if the amount of collumns have been exceeded. I can understand if you no longer want to/can work on this, it's already great as it is!
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