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  1. I have a problem, not sure why but people have said they could open dds files for this game, however, I am having problems it gives an error they are DirectX11 I think or something witch may be the problem however that still does not help me with my mod with the steam game, could you play around with the file type and see if you can get it to load with or if not add support for the type of DDS it would mean a great deal to me and many other people that would be looking for a free program to use to edit the file types. Space Engineers DDS File
  2. Hello sadly I have curupted and some how managed to delete the folder with programs files and will nolonger install or unistall or repair, Windows 7 says that its still installed but it gets errors when I try to unistall or repair it. and I have tried to just install again and it will not let me do that ether. I do have a plan thow just to add the files back well If I hade the files from the folder it would probley work as the unistall exe is in there but with out it I cant use can someone give me a link to a zip of them so I can fix my problem I use for all my image editing work and I cant do without it. I have the newest one installed. Any help would be grate thanks. NorthWestTrees