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  1. Is there a way to install this on the Windows Store version of Paint? I feel kind of gypped that I purchased the app to support the developer after a good decade of free use, and it seems super difficultr to install plugins now
  2. Thanks, this sort of stretch the sides of the letter son the edges, so I'll keep looking! I appreciate the suggestion! I can't figure out how to install this one - it needs me to split the files between two folders, but the version I have is from the Win 10 Store, so I don't know how to add the items to the paint.net folder - its not accessible Seems like the Gravity plugin link is dead
  3. Hi guys Been a user for a very long time - hoping I can get some help with curving some text gently Just as an FYI, I've searched the forums, and installed a few plugins, including the DPY pack, and I've tried to create the effect I'm looking for using all the text ones in that pack, and still not having any luck The issue I'm having is that none of them seem to give me the option to make the curve as gentle as I'm looking for - as you can see from this screenshot, most of the sliders (the ones that seem to dictate the curve agression) are all the way to the left, and it's still too steep (the plan is to have the text match the curve of the banner/ribbon underneath it Thanks
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