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  1. I only have one PC i7-6700K & 16GB, the 4.0.9 version works as it should, but the 4.0.10 only use 50-65% of the cpu as a result being slower, according to my measurements it is around 25-30% slower than the 4.0.9.(btw the 80sec vs 50sec was a typo I meant 80sec vs 60sec, and that was the TjacksonEffects.dll) image size: 18600x9300 Number of layers: 12 I mostly use plugins but the performance hit was the same with effects/tools that was already there (even the basics, resize, flatten, open image, etc)
  2. Yep it turns out that the problem is the 4.0.10 version 4.0.9 on windows 10 runs as good as the 4.0.9 on windows 7 I will stick to the 4.0.9 forever then, because the performance hit of the 4.0.10 is too noticeable.
  3. It is "fresh" windows 10 installation not an upgrade, and Paint.NET version is 4.0.10 just now realized that in the windows 7 had the 4.0.9 so maybe that is why, I will download the 4.0.9 on windows 10 and see. btw with the 4.0.9 on w7 was very responsive even with the cpu 100%
  4. I notice that Paint.NET was slow on Windows 10 compare to Windows 7 on the same machine(i7 6700 & 16GB & ssd). Btw I had dual boot so I did a direct comparison and I notice that in Windows 7 the cpu usage was 100% on the other hand on Windows 10 the cpu usage was like 50-65% on the same exact task, as a result the same task X on w10 it takes 80 seconds complete and on w7 only 50 seconds .(btw I work with high rez images 18000x900 with multiple layers that is why speed is important to me) My fresh windows 10 installation perform as it should without any problems, except Paint.NET but s
  5. It doesn't curved the sphere segments. by using this website I create the following glob: Althrough the map itself looks ok, the earth parallels looks like a spider web close to the poles. The same map using the Shape3D plugin, it looks exactly as it should including the earth parallels.
  6. it is not very good. I need a proper way of doing this.
  7. basically I want to do that from what I have research there is not a plugin for paint.net to do that, does anybody know any other program that do this?
  8. can this plugin be modified to create something like this?
  9. Ok I found a way on how to do that http://www.winski.net/globus-projector/simplified/
  10. If a plugin for that exist it shouldn't be any difficult to use, all you have to do is provide an image (width = height / 2) and choose the number of segments that you want to divided(e.g. 12, 18, 24 etc) Here is a link that demonstrate how to do sphere segments with Illustrator, however I don't have Illustrator and I am not familiar with it.
  11. How I am going to transform an image into sphere segments? possible there is a plugin for that? This is what I want to do, not necessarily with a map, but you get the idea
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