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  1. Yea, haha I really like using Renders, they open up pretty Basic "Backview" and "Frontview" possibilities. An Animation on two Layers etc... They sometimes bring life into your "Character". Actually my all time favourite Ava Gif is the second Animated Avatar/Signature I ever made... (The first one just being simple color swaps and Texts) Thank you! Lighting, Contrast, Depth, Blending, noted. I'm not so sure what exactly I "Can" do, I just do the things I see fit.... So, I'll browse about it first, maybe it'll inspire me. I'll check the next one out! Seems interesting. ^^ Thank you Seerose! I'm happy to be here.
  2. Omg.. Thank you Q_Q I didn't think I'd receive such replies.. Really *motivation boost is over 9000* Hehehe
  3. Thank you two! Gosh. I didn't think so many people would comment in such a short time. So nice D:
  4. Thank you! I've added a few more pieces which I just found. ^^
  5. Y--You think so? Thank you very much! Both of you! Simple, eh? Well I get Eye-Cancer if my pieces are.. idk, not balanced....? Simple can be soo comfortable and relaxing... Thank you for your replies!
  6. Welcome to my little Playground! I've been using PDN for around 10 Years now, thus.. I can call myself "Used to it", I wouldn't go as far as saying I'm a Pro.. More like Intermediate.. Hehe. Anyways. Over the time I've created a lot of pieces, obviously.. Now.. I just want to share past pieces, and even more, current or future pieces. I'm always surprised by PDN's Capabilities.. Seriously... In Terms of animated Pictures: When I started with animated once I made each single frame and put them together in an external Program. Nowadays, (Which includes newer pieces), I create everything I need via Paint.net and safe the file as "PSD" in order to use Photoshop for the animation itself. Anyways. These are VERY OLD - VERY NEW pictures.... If you want to use a Picture (I doubt it), you can so do without asking. (Aside from Avatars&Signatures) I'd just love to see it, if they were used. ^^ Here it goes~ NEWEST pieces Forum pictures: NEWEST PIECE (Testing stuff) Avatar & Signatures: Newest: All Time Favourite Piece: More Avatars' n Signatures: Text-Headers Misc Creations PLAYGROUND Random Pieces are Random Thank you for looking at my pieces~ I'd be very happy to receive some Feedback and Critique. Thank you. Greetings, Shoran~
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