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  1. Hello and thanks for fixing tags ^^ About the problem I'll be patient , maybe someone will have an idea , but IMO , its not an issue from paint.net itself , even if it affect it ; If never i have another bug somewhere i'll leave a note , it can help i think. Have a good day.
  2. Hello , first of all , i have a legit OS (i said that cuz when i search for a topic about this problem , they always ask if if a true OS and the OP stop answer so problem not solved... Also sorry for my english in advance. So when i open paint.net and (for ex) try to past something ,it work , BUT then i try something else (like take the area selector) it instant crash , the problem is i don't have any crash log , where can i find them please ? Know i'm on window 10 technical preview but it worked some day ago , also i strongly doubt its a window 10 update , also on the regular paint (the
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