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  1. well, I'm not outputting as a GIF firstly, i'm outputting as an actual video I'd like to. Plus, I've never heard of videohelp.com and this is just offtopic/Grand theory of everything
  2. https://i.gyazo.com/07780965df6a96a80ef47a52d7863b3c.jpg Hope you like it. It took a bit of work to get right, but I started with a rather shoddy background of stars, and through the many fonts on my PC, and various effects I've worked with, and a bit of editting by hand, I created this.
  3. Well Paint.NET is pretty much photoshop, but free, not trusted by any organisations for some unknown reason, and more extensible. (Seriously, I don't think photoshop has half the features paint.NET can get from plugins. They don't even have liquify to themselves still)! Ahh, it is a joyous program, I just want the makers of it to make more programs...Like vector.NET! #MuchWantVectorNet
  4. Might I ask, can it only be used to make GIF format images? Or is it possible to export it as a .wav or other type of video file? (Its cuz I need non-looping animations)
  5. I was thinking of doing a few small animations for some youtube videos (about science, and stuff). I was wondering if anyone out there knew of any free animation programs (preferably with some nice tutorials, or like a nice, easy to use interface like paint.NET has) (or perhaps even if someone had made some animation plugin for paint.NET, which wouldn't be impossible. All you'd need to introduce would be a sort of onion-skin with some sort of frames system similar to the existing layers system? then users would just copy across the previous frame, and ever so slightly either with the liquify plugin, or pixel by pixel, change the frame?). Anyway. A free animation program
  6. What if you need to upload it by that service, for example its for something that service provides, yet if they support both vector&raster but raster graphics lose quality in upload, surely you'd want to upload it in vector. hence the request.
  7. I know you can only draw in raster graphics, but im finding uploading some larger images end up loosing quality in the upload to whatever it is, when they're raster graphics. So being able to save vectors would be useful for uploading files.
  8. Its brilliant paint.NET and I use it for ALL my computer graphics needs, but its a shame the lack of file types. It'd be brilliant to have a few common (and possibly a Paint.NET specific) vector file format. Its a shame when the detailed drawings loose their quality sometimes.
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