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  1. Hello Skullbonz, I don't mind about the downgrading because my pictures are still beautiful and because I send them to the web, I need light format which is JPEG. Everything is possible in programming, and in quite all kind of software, we can choose the default format to save. Even in some close programs like "Ms Office" ! So it might have a solution to choose a default format. If the developer can answer, I would be happy. Or maybe it can become a feature for the next version ? Thanks to all of you for your kindness Julien
  2. Hello Ego ! Thank you for your reply. Yes, I agree that PNG is quality better than JPEG. But for some reason, I mainly need to save under JPEG. So, how I can set as default format ? I had a look in the file "PaintDotNet.exe.config" but there is nothing about the default format... Thanks for your help.
  3. Hello ! By default, the picture is save as PNG but I would like to change to JPEG Does anyone of you know how to change that setting ? Thank you very much for your help ! Purjuju
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