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  1. Can I assume that any URL with paint.net are safe? Like: <snip>?
  2. Thanks, C4FH. I have downloaded the BlendModes Plus plugin. Would I be correct in assuming that Paint.net plugins are roughly the same as Photoshop plugins? But I don't remember how to install those, so I'll go check. I vaguely remember it involved nothing more than putting the plugins in the same folder as the app? Well I'll go check.
  3. Thank you. I do not have a "tools" option in my effects menu.
  4. Thanks so much! I'll have to give it a try. Never would have thought of it!
  5. Hi -- I am extremely impressed and happy to find this great software, and thanks. I feel as though my hands are tied sometimes when I use it. I want a fade function. For pretty much everything. You do "auto levels" and there's no way to dial it back a little. At least I couldn't find one. When I paste one image on top of another image, I want to be able to adjust how much of the bottom image is seen through the top. When I tried to reduce opacity under the layers menu, the image broke into a checkerboard! Are there ways to do these things that I've just missed? I'm new at using it.
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