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  1. Picture Text Effect

    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it Hi Guys,Welcome to the Picture Text Effect Tutorial. In this Tutorial i will show you Guys how to create a Picture Filling Text Effect,Don't know what it is ? Here is an example : Interesting right ? Well lets get to the Show !!!! Things you Need for this : Outline Object (pyrochild) Glow (Already Present in Paint.NET) Impact Font (,Some Windows Versions already might have this Font) A Lot of Patience A Background which doesn't involve Black Steps to follow: 1. Open Paint.NET 2. Click on File > New 3. Deselct Maintain Aspect Ratio and Enter 700 on Width and 200 on Height and then Click Ok (You can Choose your Custom Size too) 4 . Select the Text Tool and Select the Impact Font 5. Enter a Word (Example : Your Name or Whatever ) and Select Any Color (Don't Select Black Color) 6. Then Select Outline Object and Select the Outline Object Color to Black and the Width as 10,Leave the Blend Mode to Normal 7. Select the Magic Wand Tool and Clear out Everything Inside the Font,Don't Cut the Outline,Cut the Inner Area 8. After you Done all of This,Select a Background that Doesn't have Black (You could use your Country's National Flag for this 9. After you Chosen the Background,Drag it to Paint.NET,A GUI will Open and will Show some Options 10. Choose the Option "Open Image" 11. Now Select the Rectangle Select Tool and Select the Background/Wallpaper fully 12. Now Go to the Outline Image you Have Selected and Then Add a New Layer in the Layers GUI,Then using the "Up and Down" Keys in the Layers GUI,Send the New Layer Down using the Down Key. 13.Now Go to the Background Image,Press Crtl + C and then Go to the Outline Image and Press on the New Layer,Then press Ctrl + V,A GUI Will appear with the Following Options 14. Select the Keep Canvas Size Option 15. Now Reposition the image to keep the Wanted Things u want inside your Text 16. Now Press Ctrl + Shift + F or Simply Select The Flatten Option,Then the Layers Would Merge and there should be Only One Layer. 17. Now to Remove the Existing things,Use the Rectangle Select To Shave Both Corners and Then use the Magic Tool to Wipe The Rest,The Image should Appear like this 18. Now use the Paint Bucket to Turn the Background Black and then use Paint Brush Tool to turn the remaining Things as Black,It Should look like this. 19. Use the Magic Wand Tool and Set the Tolerance to 41% and then remove the Background,It Should look like this 20. Now Use the Glow Tool which is Located in Effects > Photo > Glow,Set the Radius to 5,Set the Brightness to -44,Set the Contrast as 16 21.Your Image is Now Complete and Should look like this You Just Finished your Picture Text Effect Completely,Congratulations P:S-: If there is any Problem,Mesage me,I will Look into your Problem. And Pls Give your Feedback about my First Tutorial