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  1. i don't understand , i am not english
  2. http://i.imgur.com/1cmESij.jpg http://i.imgur.com/daYqjg6.jpg http://i.imgur.com/aEiUpea.jpg How to make avatar's like this? How to make those textes ? -PLEASE ANSWER ME- And please an free site, witch can i download cools HD stocks.
  3. Thx!But can you make me an tutorial on youtube please?
  4. This text : http://limitcs.ro/forum/uploads/profile/photo-111584.png?_r=1431274582 How? please make a tutorial!!!
  5. Can i make whit paint.net a PhotoShop text ? Like , not a simple text like this : HELLO To make look like : http://designstacks.net/content_images/AdobePhotoshop/ART-D/tutorial512/17.jpg
  6. When i click whit magic wand, on a section , it is all selected ,how to make to select a portion ?
  7. Thank you ! @FOR ALL YOU HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM WHIT ME (DOWNLOAD PAINT.NET - INSTALL IT - AND DON'T APPEAR NOTHING -> DO THIS STEPS:) 1.Download the lastest version of .NET Framework 2.Install Paint.NET 3.Enjoy Thank you all !
  8. Dude, before i have installed .NET Framework, i haved 2gb left in my PC (Local Disk), when i installed i have 3GB It's virus? BTW paint.net works !
  9. :@@@@@@@@@@ I INSTALLED .NET FRAMEWORK, NOW MY LOCAL DISK C IS VIRUSED , I have 3 gb , when i click again i have 1, when i click again 0 kb !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY PC IS WREKED , Thank you PAINT.NET !
  10. Í checked in : Computer - Local Disk (C:) - Program Files - Isn't a folder like Paint.net, or .NET framework
  11. Yes, but it's not installing automatticly?
  12. No, i don't have .NET Framework 4.5 When i install Paint.NET , it says it will be installed .NET Framework, and then a message pop up : Extracting , and then , when it's finished ,nothing happend.No paint.NET installer, nothing
  13. Dude, when i download the SP1, and when i click it, the programm does not allow me to install it, because is already installed. And paint.net installantion keep erroring me. Please help, i am a Designer, and i work whit Paint.NET and i need it to work !
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