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  1. The picture starts at normal size, it is only after ive tried to layer on a watermark that this happens. The watermarking is fine when we've used one of the photos from our normal camera but for some reason if i've snipped or cut a photo from a website or on Nearmap to get an aerial view it looks like my screenshot and wont watermark.
  2. We've already tried resizing the photos and this doesnt help and it still does the same thing. Is there something in the updated version that would fix it?
  3. http://s723.photobucket.com/user/vanessaaucielloNessauci1/media/Paint.net_zpsu9hnro6y.jpg.html
  4. I cant seem to paste the screen shot in anywhere like i was able to yesterday. Is there an email or somewhere else i can send this to?
  5. I use Paint.net to watermark photos for my workplace. I never have an issue if the photos are taken with our professional cannon camera. I have attached a screen shot of what happens if i try and watermark a screen shot or snagged photo. Please is someone able to help?
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