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  1. Problem. While restarting does fix it, which I'm pretty happy about, the error comes back after a while. Not sure if it's a different error, it does seem similar/exactly the same however. I've put it into a spoiler as to make the post not... huge. EDIT: Found something that may help a lot. I found out it starts crashing when I open Mirillis Action. (hope that's not advertising or something) Close Action, it works. Open it, it crashes. So I'll do that instead of restarting. If it can be fixed somehow, that'd be nice though. Don't know much about code.
  2. EDIT: I restarted and it works now. Hurrah for turning it off and on again EDIT2: After a while the errors comes back. Hi. So I recently got paint.net, I had upgraded my PC from Vista to 7. Was using it quite finely last night (on 7), and suddenly today the above error happened. I start paint.net, see the beginning screen, and then it pops up and paint.net closes. Might be part of the updates. Not sure. This is paint version 4.0.5 Errors: I've put it into a spoiler as to make the post not... huge. Sorry if I'm doing something wrong, I've skimmed the rules and this all s
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