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  1. Wow, you answered so quickly, that you quoted a quote which i'd decided to delete! As i said, i'm not professional enough to crank out anything which would make the grade. Believe it or not, i've never created a video in my life! (rather just old-fashioned HTML websites long ago). I also don't own pretty props, rather just the dreary corkboard & pushpins & white-paint depicted on my link. ...But I figured if anyone's desperate enough to try to grasp the layering concept, they just might find my 2 demo's in the tutorials section. Except you removed this thread from there. ...btw, i actually found the paint.net eNotification while housecleaning my Gmail-boxes, since i'm scrambling to bail out of Yahoomail (since they've been taken over by Verizon/Oath & planning to share peoples' emails with their "associates"). ...So i'm busy with that now, anyway, but i took the time out to respond to this thread.
  2. ???? Please clarify if there are any paint.net tutorials which explain layers in the way that the pixlr-video and [beta] powerpics link explain it above? Unlike the latter, as far as i can tell, the one posted by HyReZ doesn't clearly explain that the PICTURE part and the CHECKERED part do NOT constitute TWO-LAYERS, but are actually ONE-PAINTEDover-LAYER. Granted, at one point the narrator fades the pic. so you can see grey-checks beneath it, but the concept still remains confusing. I'm practically sure i'd seen that vid. as a beginner, and was utterly confused by it. It was only after tediously sifting thru many video's it was ONLY that pixlr video which to me, was similar to Helen Keller's realization at the water pump. Put it this way - you guys can understand that Clone-Stamp & ReColor are a learning curve? If so, then FYI - grasping layers was to me as much a learning-curve because i didn't find that pixlr video right away. And it's that which inspired me to create the rough powerpics tutorial, so others should avoid that frustration. But now i see that my effort was for nothing. Trust me, as primitive as my URL is, it was WAY harder for me (as an amateur) to crank that out, than for the expert paint.net artists to crank out their professional tutorials. hmm... why did i bother? 😩🙄
  3. P.P.S. I had previously posted my primitive version of the above, since i wasn't able to find the above video. (I had posted it under my Judy login but subsequently forgot that login info, so i'm posting my rough tutorial again here. Then maybe a wiz-kid can combine the above YouTube-concept, with my below rough-concept, to better clarify Layers to newbs: http://powerpics.tripod.com/paint/paint_layers_dummies.html
  4. This just might help some newbs. For months i had been confused by the entire concept of layering, and none of the pics. or vid's i'd viewed resolved my confusion. Finally, by a miracle, i happened to find the below obscure youtube video (other than paint.net) which had finally resolved my confusion, due to the method in which he presented it. The reason this particular video cleared my confusion, is because it finally offered me the AHA! moment, to realize that the blue shape he superimposed on the grey-speckled background was actually ONE layer, forming the BOTTOM layer. Prior to that, i had been confusedly thinking that the grey-speckling is supposed to be one layer, and the coloring on top of that should "logically" be another layer. But because this video didn't COMPLETELY color the grey-speckling and because he labelled the COMBO as "one layer" which he named "bottom", that's how it finally dawned on me ..."Eureka! So THAT's what everyone meant by all their gibberish!" So if anyone with talent can create a paint.net version of the below video, it may prove helpful to newbs. Just sayin'... P.S. I.M.O. it would also be helpful to offer a clearer diction! But wow - if not for that - i think he'd be a dynamite teacher for newbies and he deserves credit for clarity, even if not diction. Advanced graphic-artists may underestimate the importance of making things clear to beginners in the most absolutely bare-basics way, in order not to discourage them. And so that's why i decided to post this, as soon as i rediscovered it during overhauling years-worth of email accumulation.