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  1. Will do - this looks awesome! I was thinking they used DwmExtendFrameIntoClientArea to actually expand the title bar... if you click and drag the paint.net window you can tell in the title bar the background design changes which wouldn't happen with a static background image
  2. I am actually using Visual Studio 2013 community edition! However, once the control is in the expanded title bar the properties (like background and foreground) don't work. I think I am going to have to inherit the controls and and override the OnDrawItem event and a few others
  3. I figured as much. After some research I was able to come up with this. Now to fix the font/background color issue. Kudos on the interface and really the whole program as a whole... I freaking love it
  4. This isn't a plugin but this seems like the best place for this. I really like the interface of paint.net... more specifically the toolbar and menu up top. Is the control library that is used to create the tool/menu bar available anywhere or were the custom made and closed sourced? I'd love to use it for some applications I am writing in C#. Thank you!
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