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  1. Aw, you saw that! :* That was copied, though.. It was on 9GAG
  2. First time trying, and my mind was blank. I drew the hammock and the man, rendered the trees, and masked the text over a flame. Glow effects, here and there, a few gradients for the sky and sun, and I am done! [Wew that rhymed O.o] Tell me if you like it, and give me some random fresh ideas too. I feel like I've lost all sense of creativity
  3. Are you feeling cold? Go to the corner. It's 90 degrees. Q: What did one ocean say to the other? A: Nothing; they just waved.
  4. Yo peeps. I'm Vivek Been using PDN for quite some time, but I've never really checked the forums. All I do is random stuff with the same old fractals I love this thing, and I LOVE the fact that it's free. I'm gonna donate the day I begin earning. I'm not so much of a creative person, but I like to experiment (it hasn't gotten me anywhere ) I only started browsing this forum yesterday, and I can safely say that you people are darlings :*