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  1. Ego Eram Reputo ok. toe_head2001 The script lab can only apply effects correctly?The Selection and displace takes the time. But no matter, I'll have to take the time. Thanks.
  2. I had tried this and I need to say, work's great But, it is extrem repetitive and eats over an hour for one smooth animation (for only one Planet). Is there a way to automate this process? Even if only there is some dirty code, the main thing is to speed up the process. Do you have anny idea? Thanks So cool
  3. At first, thank you very much for this awesome plugin! I've got a question for you Ego Eram Reputo, ok its more a request then a question: Could you add the possibility to create an Planetoid-Sheet? Create a Planet, let the user take a picture (copy) and rotate the planet. Copy, rotate, copy rotate, and so on. It would be the perfekt tool for animated (spinning) planets. PS: Thank you again for this awesome plugin
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