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  1. I have now. Yes, the Single-Slider version works very well. Thank you. I need to remember to read things closely. The first time I read this thread, I was unaware of the IndirectUI API. When I learned of this API, I never connected it back to the notes in the first post of this thread.
  2. Thank you for the suggestion. However, it did not really work for me. The dialog box appears larger, but the overlap of the individual controls is still the same and I cannot adjust each one. Just a larger version of what I posted above. I see that Cookies has not been around here for several months. So I guess he is not going to update the plug-in to use the proper API. Maybe someone else will.
  3. I am having problems using this Plug-In. On my screen the control dialog box looks like this: The controls are unusable. I have the latest version of Paint.Net (4.5.5454.39504) and the latest version of this plug-in (1.2.3903.27501). I am using a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro running Windows 8.1. This has a 13" display running 3200x1800 resolution. I have a similar issue with dialog boxes in a few other software packages and with one other Paint.Net plug-in. I understand that this issue is due to the high screen resolution and the high dpi. So possibly other devices using high resolution and high dpi have this same problem I would like to use this plug-in as I am interested in HDR and I am following the Extreme HDR Tutorial.
  4. Will you please post the Effects/Filters used, and the settings where appropriate. Thank you.
  5. I think this 3rd suggestion from Cc4FuzzyHuggles got me the closest. I had already tried the first two suggestions, the "Extreme HDR Tutorial" and "TR's HDRish effect" and found neither very satisfactory. Then I tried the "Laplacian Pyramid effect", the third suggestion. This has come very close, and I haven't spent much time with it. Here is a before and after pair of photos. Many thanks to everyone for your offers of ideas and suggestions. I believe that Cc4FuzzyHuggles has found my solution. Thank You.
  6. Thanks. That may be the one piece of photo editing software I don't have. LOL I have PhotoShop (an older version), ImageReady, PhotoScape, Paint.Net, Paint, and I have even dabbled with GIMP. And thank you for your plug-in effects. I have installed several of them.
  7. I am interested in the appearance of this photo. I am trying to recreate something similar using It appears to be an extreme HDR effect. Can someone suggest an effect or collection of effects which would produce this? Thanks.