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  1. 14 hours ago, IHaveNoName said:

    I had a go with this and indeed I found the odd problem with Object Bevel which tended to break up some of the curved parts of the text.


    This is the best I could do in a 10 minute try using an appropriate font and mostly Drop Shadow and Object Bevel plus duplicating the font layer, darkening the lowest and slightly off-setting it. Not great but possibly on the right track.




    Tried the Emboss and Metallize plugin too and didn't like them much for this particular job. 

    Apart from the duplicate layer (which does help) I get much the same as this, which is better.  What font did you use BTW?

  2. Just curious, how many plugins are too many?

    I used to have almost 1000 with versions 2 and 3, slowed things down no end and the odd crash/ unexpected close.  Now I seem to manage on a svelte 54 at the moment- much much better :)

  3. Good morning all!  First post here so please be gentle :)

    I am trying to place some text in the banner area as per the escutcheon shape below (Second Air Force) but can't seem to get the right tool for the job.  I have tried circle text mostly but that doesn't place the text in the correct path as required.




    Any suggestions as to what tool(s) I could use?

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