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  1. Apart from the duplicate layer (which does help) I get much the same as this, which is better. What font did you use BTW?
  2. Hi, thanks for the replies I did try to follow that video tut but got totally lost TBH. I much prefer written ones now
  3. Trying to create a dedication plaque for a game. How would I create the raised cast text as seen in this sample... I have tried to use object bevel but seem to get weird artefacts as if anti-alias isn't applied, I've also played with drop shadow effect which helps but... Any better suggestions?
  4. Looks perfect and all with in built tools Thank you I take it I have to split my image into two layers as above, run those effects on each layer and set the opacity to above then merge when I save again?
  5. Hi- I would like to do the same type of effect as in the attached picture. I have looked at dents and clouds etc... as per some very old tutorials but nothing quite works. I have already made the basic arms but would like to achieve this if possible.
  6. I used to have almost 1000 with versions 2 and 3, slowed things down no end and the odd crash/ unexpected close. Now I seem to manage on a svelte 54 at the moment- much much better
  7. Correct, forgot the purple, amended file attached Heraldic.txt
  8. How do you load an image as a background to guide you? Seems to be only colours and clipboard on the popup menu.
  9. Looks interesting, but cant seem to load the shield as a background image, so nothing to guide me unfortunately so maybe not in this case. I know paint.net is fairly good but basic, so if need be I can find another tool to do this part of the job if nothing else turns up.
  10. I don't actually use that plugin, it spits up an error about a commercial font I don't have installed and there doesn't seem to be a way to set it to another font so I got rid.
  11. Hi- Did have a look at those as well a while back, again not what I want unfortunately. Is there a plugin that text will follow a path a bit like the tool in 3DS max?
  12. Good morning all! First post here so please be gentle I am trying to place some text in the banner area as per the escutcheon shape below (Second Air Force) but can't seem to get the right tool for the job. I have tried circle text mostly but that doesn't place the text in the correct path as required. Any suggestions as to what tool(s) I could use?
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