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  1. Thanks For the advice and all i really want to mimic is the water and background because ive talked to the guy and he has told me that he made the text in C4D which i could do and im pretty familliar with paint.net, i have many plugins and use a lot of them and i know how to utilize layers aswell Thanks For the name change And ill take a look at those Thank you btoh for all the help
  2. Wow Sorry for the late reply but dang wow best reply ever Awesome exactly what i wanted
  3. So for about a week now ive been trying to mimic this rebrand someone made, but obviously i dont have photoshop so i cant do exactly what they did but i wanna see if i can get pretty close can someone help me on how to do this??
  4. So i have 3 images that i was gonna fade together, the size of the template is 1500 width so i resized them to keep the ratio and i put each image at 500 width so it would fill up the width of the template but for some reason theres 1 width that isnt filled... and i double checked and re inserted them and everything and its not working... someone help
  5. I was working with a client yesterday and we were talking on skype and he gave me a suggestion, make it to the text in the center gets smaller as it gets to the center then gets bigger farther away from the center, i told him that i could probably do that but I ended up just doing it manually, does anyone know if theres a effect for it??