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  1. Like Why can't there be a Freeform shape tool plugin at least, you know to give people the choice
  2. @ MissDirections: yeah I feel the same, I like the concept of shape tools but the free form just gives you more options I really want it back, I miss the choice and freedom
  3. @humility:thank you for the support, I knew there were a few of us out there that used it. I just think the tool should be available for those that would like to use it.I mean paint.net is an amazing program and it would only get better by reintroducing the free form tool.
  4. @pratyush: what I like doing is having a section of my drawing highlighted then I would use the soilds free form tool to color in a few parts of the highlighted section.This, I find is the easiest/fastest way to make clean shading or texture with out having to use to many tools. I love this tool its truly helpful if one knows how to properly use it. It is a two step tool as a pose to highlight, paintbrush/pencil, fill tool or paintbrush/ lasso then earaser.
  5. Yes I did see he asked but I also noticed some others wish to have it and I thought that this may open up to suggestions to have the free form tool be retroduced to paint.net after all it wouldn't hurt to have the option to use it in the program. So is there a possibility for it to be added in future updates?
  6. Please reply I would greatly love to know the status on this issue/suggestion
  7. Hi I've been using paint.net for 12 years now and when it updated to 4.0 I was so disappointed that the free form tool was gone so I uninstalled 4.0 and download 3.5.11 because I use this tool almost always I find it to be the easiest way to make organic shapes with out having to use the paint brush or fill tool and I can use it with the lasso tool to keep images clean as I make shadows and fabric effects, so I looked through the internet to see if any of the new updates included the free form tool so far I couldn't find anything that mentions that it was re-included to paint.net, I would really like to use all the new tools that have been added but I don't find them worth it if I don't have the free form tool. So I was wondering by any chance in the future well the free form tool would be added back to paint.net? btw thank you guys so much for the awesomeness of Paint.net (best program ever)