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  1. To everything that has been said so far, with which I totally agree, I will add that Ms Paint won't take you places that Paint.NET can take you if you really want to be a digital artist. This site is safe and the download areas, both for the application and the plugins, are safe as well. I've been using Paint.NET for over 5 years now and never ever had a virus alert, so I know what I'm saying.


    I also highly recommend Adblock Plus and ESET Smart Security if you are really worried about intrusive ads and infections (not that I mean to advertise products, just saying what has worked wonders for me and my computer to this day).

  2. Thank you both! bye.gif


    @CC4FuzzyHuggles: I think a good part of being an artist consists of being a player and somehow all (or most) players are artists. We create new things by playing with the new and the old, or something like that  :P


    @chimay12321: I'll try to be as active as possible!


    This is the first time I take part in a visual arts contest. How exciting! redsocks_01.gif

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  3. Hello everyone!


    I'm one of the newest members and this is my first post!


    I've been using Paint.NET since as far back as 2010, lurking moslty in the tutorials and plugins sections as a guest, and it ocurred to me it was about time to create an account. I'm looking forward to participating as frequently as possible. So nice becoming an official newbie! :)

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