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  1. I first ran Surface Blur with a Radius of 1 and a Threshold of 5 to reduce some of the graininess on her face. Then I applied Local Contrast Enhancement as shown in the pic below:



    The result is this:




    Then I ran G'MIC (Boost-Fade filter with settings as shown below):




    Which resulted in this:




    (There's still a good amount of graininess on her face, so these are intended merely as possible starting points for further improvement)


    Alternatively, I also tried applying the Boost-Fade filter alone, with no previous effect, but I think the outcome turned out rather colorless, although her face seems to look a bit less grainy than with the previous method:




    So, in order to enhance colors, I applied the Laplacian Pyramid Filter with an Outlier reduction of 50 and an Extra contrast of 0.55 (all other settings at defaults), rendering the following result:




    I tried other methods as well, but didn't like the outcomes very much. I hope my take on the matter may help somehow (I feel I prefer the second method but that's up to each eye's taste).

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  2. @ScrapbookWithPDN: I recommend not feeling too bad about this troll thing, although I do understand how you are feeling at the moment. I myself was declared a forum troll some time ago and I felt rather bad for a while since it made me feel somehow irrelevant. Most members try to make their posting as relevant as possible, but what we say or do is not always interpreted by everyone as we mean it, and in this aspect social media is practically the same as life outside the internet, with some thinking you're a genius and others thinking the opposite. I myself haven't been what people would often regard as a relevant poster for a really long time. I wish I were able to write tutorials on various techniques I've been developing since I got into PdN, and I assume there would be a few members who would find them at least mildly interesting, but life has been getting in the way in many ways, and forum participation gets even harder when you are in charge of ailing parents like I am, so there isn't much that I can contribute at the moment. This troll thing is a bit of a controversial title, with some taking it humorously and others taking it as an offense. I've noticed that some members elected as trolls in the past are not active anymore, which is a pity since much of their input was quite positive at the time (one wonders whether they departed upon feeling disheartened by being awarded what many consider a negative title). I hope you won't consider dropping out because of this. Please don't take it to heart and just keep participating to the best of your abilities without paying much attention to this award thing <3


    Other than the above, many congrats to those who attained the noncontroversial awards glad

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