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  1. Horribly tragic news 😞 I didn't get to have a lot of interactions with Woodsy, but I always found myself astonished by the quality of his wooden textures and the advanced artworks in which he used them. No doubt a person made of good wood. So sad he's suffered so much. Hopefully he is finally at peace now 😔


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  2. On 6/10/2019 at 2:43 PM, Seerose said:

    <3 @Maximilian!


    Long time no see. Nice to see you again. :cake: :coffee:


    Thank you, Seerose <3 I've been trying to come back, but it's very difficult because I have many family problems. My mom had an accident some time ago and broke an arm. After 4 months in a plaster, the bone hasn't healed by itself, so she'll need surgery, and she's very afraid about it . My plate is full with this and other problems 😞

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