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  1. Cute new profile pic, dear Seerose! Laie_60Bmini.gifviannen_90.gif

    1. Maximilian


      Oh, your cover photo looks equally cute as well JC_clap.gif It's strange I hadn't noticed it before scratch_one-s_head.gif


  2. Bought me crayons some time ago but haven't been able to try them properly. Too busy painting with Paint.NET ^_^

  3. Getting used to the new forum layout. Liking it much already :)

  4. I often wonder why it took me so long to join the Paint.NET forum. It seems a lovely community! :)

  5. I won my first Paint.NET contest ever! :O ^_^

  6. So many plugins to try, so many settings to explore, so many outcomes to enjoy, and so little time to deploy -_-

  7. It feels good to have one's humble art appreciated. Thank you for the votes and for the reps!

  8. When I want to reproduce what I've done, I regret not always taking note of how I've done what I've done -_-