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  1. I installed paint.net and went through process but it did not leave icon on desktop and when I went to look for it in program files I could not find it to add icon to the desk top I have windows 8.1 do I have to update to the new windows 10 to get it? Also looked in the program files(x86) as I have 64 bit it was not anywhere in that one either? please help thanks!


  2. I was trying this tutorial all was going great till I got to engrave/emboss that is where it went wrong effects>stylize>emboss and it only has a directional wheel in it nothing else. is there a plugin I am missing or did getpaint.net change it that much thanks? 

  3. hi,

    nice tutorial I have one problem how to open that xaml file

    I tried but cannot

    I wondered if you could make that outline in a pdn file for those of us that don't have ms presentation server.

    When I tried to use it it kept popping up window after window and it wreaked so much havoc I had to shut my computer down.


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  4. can you add sound like you saying what you are doing while you do this I tried to follow the video and thought I had done everything it showed I watched it over and over again following the steps

    but mine did not work so there is something I missed and it went by so fast I even tried to pause it but mine still did not work so please can you write down all the steps or add sound please thanks!

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