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  1. I have had an issue this has happened several times. I right click on an image and went to print it,  it tries to open it in adobe and after that the image will open in paint.net but it will not print.  It comes up with errors. I contacted adobe and it says paint.net is the problem not them.  I do not believe it is paint.net, I think it is adobe but here I am contacting you letting you know this is happening. Thank you for any insights. P.S.

     I did uninstall adobe but I am afraid I will have to redo all 100 or so Images I made in paint.net because of this problem. Just so you know they are all JPG and PNG extensions. 

    Thanks for any and all suggestions  OS: Windows 8.1 64 bit   Adobe DC reader, latest paint.net


  2. Thanks for this one Font is by Johnathan Harris and only meant for example


  3. I installed paint.net and went through process but it did not leave icon on desktop and when I went to look for it in program files I could not find it to add icon to the desk top I have windows 8.1 do I have to update to the new windows 10 to get it? Also looked in the program files(x86) as I have 64 bit it was not anywhere in that one either? please help thanks!