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  1. butterfly8000

    Clipwarp Shiny Text

    Thank you lovely!
  2. butterfly8000

    Vampire teeth! (this one is really long, sorry xD)

    it is not the best image but it is my first try Thank you for this tutorial
  3. butterfly8000

    Frozen Text

    this is second version from tutorial with a few tweaks hope you like it !
  4. butterfly8000

    Pear showing simplified blur painting

    Thank you!
  5. butterfly8000

    Pear showing simplified blur painting

    Cool, here is my version. Thank you for this tut!
  6. butterfly8000

    Frozen Text

    thank you
  7. tried that and get a blocking error and I have it in admin mode tried it several times now and it is not working period I tried doing the dot net separately in admin mode also and still nothing well this is it for me I love this program but enough is enough I will just have to do without it!
  8. butterfly8000


    it won't install these it says they are not applicable to my computer!
  9. butterfly8000


    last thing I saw was the .net framework being installed and that is all
  10. butterfly8000


    No it did not! I tried so I guess I need windows 10 for the newer versions it did not install on my windows 8.1
  11. butterfly8000


    I installed paint.net and went through process but it did not leave icon on desktop and when I went to look for it in program files I could not find it to add icon to the desk top I have windows 8.1 do I have to update to the new windows 10 to get it? Also looked in the program files(x86) as I have 64 bit it was not anywhere in that one either? please help thanks!
  12. butterfly8000

    Evan's Effects (open source as of October 16, 2012)

    Is conditional hue/sat in adjustments or somewhere else as it is not showing up at all in Adjustments and I cannot find it anywhere, Thanks for any and all help!
  13. butterfly8000

    Wood Texture with Realistic Grain - Amendment 1

    I wanted to do this tutorial and couldn't, due to no conditional hue/sat anymore tried to use Boltbait's but it was not even close to the same. hope you can see that screen shot!
  14. butterfly8000

    Wood Texture with Realistic Grain - Amendment 1

    well here is mine good, bad or ugly!
  15. butterfly8000


    what happened to the conditional hue saturation I enjoyed working on some images with it and it is gone, why? I was trying to make this Thanks