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  1. I often take photographs of screens from conference presentations. Because it is not possible to take the photos from directly in front of the screen, the image has a perspective distortion. The screen image in the photo is a trapezoid or quadrilateral rather than a rectangle. I was unable to find a transform function in Paint.net, so I searched plugins and found the dpy perspective plugin. I thought it would do the right thing, but in practice I found it was impossible to find the necessary settings to apply the necessary correction. Every transformation to remove one edge's distortion introduced another distortion of a different edge. I think dpy created the plugin to introduce a perspective effect to an existing flat image, not remove it from an image shot off-axis. IMHO, the ideal approach for my correction task would be to draw a quadrilateral with the vertices corresponding to four corners of the distorted image. The algorithm would apply the necessary transformation to the image to make the quadrilateral into a rectangle with 90 degree corners. Is anyone aware of any plugin or approach to accomplish this?
  2. I have a 12K x 6K resolution JPG image. It opens fine. After making an edit, when I try to Save As in Paint.net, the "Save Configuration" dialog appears, with "Preview File Size (computing)" in the right pane. It remains in this state indefinitely (>5 minutes). Clicking OK causes a smaller progress bar dialog to appear: "Save Configuration - Canceling". That dialog also remains indefinitely. There is no Cancel button, and clicking the "X" in the upper right does nothing. Alt-F4 causes it to disappear and be replaced by another dialog "Save Configuration - Finishing". It also remains indefinitely (minutes). Again, there is no Cancel button, and clicking the "X" in the upper right does nothing. Alt-F4 causes it (and the underlying Preview File Size dialog to disappear and be replaced by "Saving - Initializing". Again, no progress after minutes, and no way to dismiss except Alt-F4. This results in an error dialog "There was an error while saving the file". At this point the normal UI returns and appears to be working. Is this a known issue? Running Paint.net 4.09 on Windows 7 / 32 bit.
  3. I'm a fairly new user of Paint.NET. Overall, I'm very impressed with the functionality and usability. It is an excellent program. I was recently printing an image that was in a very wide aspect ratio, and I found that the image was cropped on the sides even the "Fit Picture To Frame" checkbox was already selected. I was puzzled because I interpreted "Fit" as meaning "cause the entire picture to fit onto the page". On a whim, I unchecked the box, and the image was then actually fitting onto the page. I'm not sure if this is a bug where the function is reversed, or if it is just a matter of semantics. If the latter, maybe a clearer description of the function caused by the checked box would be "Expand and crop image to eliminate any border"?
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