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  1. Didn't work for me. Maybe the image is bit too complex for it. But thanks for the reply.
  2. The fonts in which "Grim Bastards" and "Nor-Cal" is written. Grim Bastards MC is from Son of Anarchy TV show if that helps. Please let me know if any of you wonderful guys have got any idea. Thanks.
  3. Do we have such stitching effect plugin or way to do it in Also that leather effect? Can someone try similar thing in PDN?
  4. Is their any plugin in to get these fabric effect in image shown below. If not could someone explain me the way to do it manually. Thanks to whoever helps me.
  5. Yeah !!! Works Nicely. Thanks everyone. You people are the best.
  6. Hello people; I am basically from Gta Forums and am learning to make Gfx's these days.So my question is of how to make curved text in to write in the way "NOMAD" is written at the top side. I wanted to write their "Sons of Samedi" in Freakshow fonts. Can someone please illustrate the method in how to make curved text [ The thing is its shape is Oval and so Circle text writer plugin wont work ]. Thanks to who ever helps me.
  7. I mean i know to use magic wand but it does not works perfect every time and leaves jagged edges. Help me out with these one.