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  1. Morning ppl,im looking for a bit of help or direction,im part of a gaming community here in the uk called Oldgamerz,we play on different platforms and many different games,we have a few of us playing Euro Truck Sim2 which allows you to put your own skins and designs on your trucks and trailers,i can do the skins no problem,but i was looking for a new design to put on our trucks which would include our name and emblem off our website,im looking for some idea's my mind is blank atm so im hoping with all ur artists minds we might be able to come up with something. oldgamer.co.uk many thanks Pauly
  2. Hi guys ive been using paint.net for a little while now,i mainly use it for putting new designs on trucks on Euro truck simulator2,what i was wondering was how would i go about showing my gaming community name coming out of like a black hole in a 3d effect. Oldgamerz is the gaming community im with but i want to put a design on one of the trucks to show Space and planets to go with Elite dangerous coming out........could anybody help please or what plugins would u recommend. Many thanks Pauly
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