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  1. Ah ha! Now I really feel stupid. Thanks, Maximilian.
  2. Thanks, Ego. I already have the Suirkle plug-in and I have been playing around with it, but it's not quite what I would like. I'll install the 'Rounded Rectangle' plug-in you linked to and see how that works. Thanks for all the help so far. That's what I thought, but I can't seem to find it. Where should I look to find it? Effects?
  3. That does work pretty well. Thanks for the suggestion!
  4. That looks really nice! Thanks, racerx. Nice sig btw.
  5. Thanks, Sashwilko. I just like to fiddle around with sigs from time to time. One of these days I want to be able to make sigs like Arc. http://www.sevenforums.com/customization/335906-custom-made-sig-avatar-16-a-125.html#post3024191 However, that's a long ways away. Especialy if I deicide to stick with PDN.
  6. Hi folks, Is there a plug-in availible to let me make a different style of a rounded rectangle? This is getting difficult to explain, but this is the kind of rounded rectangle I would like to be able to use.... The following were made in Photoshop. Thanks for any help. -Chuck Credit for first signiture goes to JDobbsy1987 from TenForums. Credit for the second signiture goes to Harrie Pateman from TenForums.
  7. By the way, if anyone is interested the current version of Paint.NET is working just fine on Windows 10 Build 10049.
  8. Hi folks, It's been awhile since I checked in here. Anyway, here are a few of my new sigs. And then I made a folder icon following this tutorial. http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/26746-glossy-folder-icon/ I must say, I'm very impressed with the number of tutorials on here! It's very helpful.
  9. Yes, I did. But the link just took me to Post #46 of this thread.
  10. Hi! I was just curios about your reputation system here. From previous help forums that I have and still use the system is there so members can then build up there reputation and acquire badges. Then those badges represent the time and effort you have spent on the forum and how valuable your posts will be. Is that the same here? If not, how is the reputation system used here? Thanks for your time, -Chuck
  11. Playing with shadows, what do you think? -Chuck
  12. Thanks for the suggestion! I know just about all to know about Paint.NET without plug-ins, that's why I'm here. So I can spice my sigs up a bit. I've downloaded some of the packs and now I'm just figuring them out!
  13. Well, I only use Paint.NET for making forum signatures. Normally around 600x100 ad sometimes I'll use 600x150, but not often.
  14. That was a lot of reading! But thank-you! It's very helpful, many of those plug-ins sound like they would be very helpful! Thankfully these are small fast downloads! Pixey- Thanks for fixing the links, I will definitely give them a try! -Chuck
  15. Thanks, Pixey and BoltBait! Pixey, some of links seem to be broken, they take me to some http site? -Chuck
  16. Hi folks! I was looking through all the plug-ins and I found some I thought would be helpful, but there are so many that I'm sure I can't go through every one of them! So I wanted to ask you who use Paint.NET a lot, which plug-ins do you find most helpful. Or which plug-ins do you use the most? Thanks, -Chuck
  17. I have nothing on my mind. ;)

  18. How's this? Thanks! I'm by no way an expert either, I still have lots to learn!
  19. I have the feather plugin, I'll download the AA Asistance! I've heard that it is good to work with a larger canvas, but does it cause any trouble when you have to resize it? Thanks! I didn't draw Snoopy, I found some images on Google.
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